We Grown Now

We Grown Now
Título original:
We Grown Now


90 min

United States of America

Avery-Holliday, Ora-Jones, Lil-Rel-Howery, Jurnee-Smollett


"We Grown Now" is a poignant drama that follows the journey of best friends Malik and Eric as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of coming of age in the Cabrini-Green public housing complex in 1992 Chicago. The film beautifully captures the essence of friendship, resilience, and the harsh realities of growing up in a tough environment. The storytelling is raw and authentic, drawing the audience into the lives of the characters as they face societal issues, personal struggles, and the complexities of their surroundings. The performances by the cast are compelling, bringing depth and emotion to their roles. Through its powerful narrative, "We Grown Now" shines a light on the importance of community, support, and the strength found in friendship. The film tackles themes of identity, hope, and the pursuit of a better future with grace and sincerity. Overall, "We Grown Now" is a moving film that resonates long after the credits roll, leaving a lasting impact on its viewers. It is a must-watch for those who appreciate storytelling that is both thought-provoking and heartwarming.