Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning
Título original:
Trigger Warning


106 min

United States of America

Gianna-Gallegos, Gabriel-Armijo, Matthew-Blood-Smyth, Josh-Horton, Efka-Kvaraciejus, Daniel-Norris, Aaron-Matthews, Nate-Harris, Tait-Fletcher, Ben-Smith-Petersen, Kieran-Gallagher, Ross-Kohnstam, Luis-Castillo, Ben-Vazquez, Rob-Estrada, Juanita-Trad, Yvette-Fazio-Delaney, David-Loving, Crystal-Mayes

Thunder Road

"Trigger Warning" is an adrenaline-pumping action thriller that showcases Jessica Alba as a formidable Special Forces commando forced to confront a menacing gang taking over her hometown following her father's untimely death. The film, directed by an unnamed filmmaker, immerses viewers in a high-stakes battle where Alba's character must navigate the complexities of loyalty, vengeance, and survival. Alba delivers a compelling performance, blending physical prowess with emotional depth as she grapples with the dual responsibilities of running her father's bar and avenging his death. The movie's runtime of 106 minutes ensures non-stop action and suspense, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats throughout. "Trigger Warning" is a gripping portrayal of a woman pushed to her limits, showcasing themes of resilience, justice, and familial bonds. With its heart-pounding sequences and Alba's captivating presence, this film is a must-watch for fans of the action genre. Keywords: Special Forces commando, adrenaline-pumping, vengeance and survival.