The Legend of Catclaws Mountain

The Legend of Catclaws Mountain
Título original:
The Legend of Catclaws Mountain


105 min

United States of America

Xander-Bailey, Torrey-B.-Lawrence, Robbie-Danzie, Heather-Jocelyn-Blair, Bob-Lee-Dysinger, Ariane-Nicole-Andrew, Cerra-Angela-Vallentine, Aria-Schnyder, Savannah-Marlissa, Paxton-Kubitz, Kane-Suh, Holly-Kiger, Madison-Rotolo, Evan-Huit, Stanley-Ross, Sassan-Saffari, Eliza-Agnifilo, Nancy-Mocker, Jack-Sherman

Grindstone Entertainment Group

"The Legend of Catclaws Mountain" is a heartwarming fantasy family film that follows Mindy, who adopts Angel, a mystical pony believed to guide its owner to hidden gold in the mountains. When Angel is snatched by a treasure-seeking villain, Mindy embarks on a thrilling adventure with her schoolmates to rescue the pony and unearth the fabled treasure. However, a mysterious mountain man cautions Mindy about the curse tied to the gold—removing it could spell disaster for the enchanted forest. The movie beautifully weaves together themes of friendship, bravery, and the preservation of nature, making it an engaging watch for all ages. The enchanting storyline is complemented by captivating performances and stunning visuals of the mountainous landscapes. Fantasy, Family, Adventure With a runtime of 105 minutes, "The Legend of Catclaws Mountain" delivers an enjoyable blend of magic and mystery that will leave viewers entertained and inspired. Directed with finesse, this film from Grindstone Entertainment Group is a delightful addition to the genre, offering a memorable cinematic experience for the whole family.