The First Omen

The First Omen
Original Title:
The First Omen


119 min

United States of America

Marcello Paesano, Giacomo Henri Dossi, Sylvia Panacione, Daniela Barra, Alessandra Fallucchi, Milena Božić, Dobrila Stojnic, Alberto Tierrez, Ljiljana Žunić, Eva Ras, Miodrag Rakočević, James Swanton, Andjelko Pavlović, Mina Knežević, Ema Nastić, Mateja Nesovic, Lana Stanojević, Borislav Bogosavac, Dejan Dragosavac, Darko Corovic, Strahinja Despic, Amy Clayton, Amalia Strand, Nigel Dyson

Phantom Four

Keywords: Young American Woman, Darkness and Faith, Terrifying Conspiracy Modified and Extended Text: When a young American woman embarks on a journey to Rome with the noble intention of dedicating her life to serving the church, she is unexpectedly thrust into a world of darkness and faith. This unsettling encounter challenges the very core of her beliefs, leading her to question the fundamental truths she once held dear. As she delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding her new surroundings, she stumbles upon a terrifying conspiracy that seeks to unleash the forces of evil incarnate onto the world. Now faced with a sinister plot that threatens to shake the foundations of her faith, she must summon all her courage and resilience to confront the malevolent forces at play and safeguard the very essence of goodness itself.