The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
Original Title:
The Dark Knight


152 min

United Kingdom

Doug Ballard, Helene Maksoud, Tommy Campbell, Craig Heaney, Lorna Gayle, Lisa McAllister, Peter Brooke, Joshua Rollins, Dale Rivera, Matthew Leitch, Thomas Gaitsch, William Armstrong, Adam Kalesperis, Tristan Tait, Bronson Webb, David Ajala, Gertrude Kyles, Jonathan Ryland, James Scales, Nigel Carrington, Ian Pirie, Lateef Lovejoy, Grahame Edwards, Roger Monk, Ronan Summers, Wai Wong, Michael Corey Foster, Hannah Gunn, Jon Lee Brody, Debbi Burns, Maritza Cabrera, Shirin Caiola, Laura Chernicky, Henry Milton Chu, Kelli Clevenger, Richard Divizio, Tony Domino, David Fultz, Natalie Hallam, Jordon Hodges, Erron Jay, Nicky Katt, Thomas Kosik, Don Kress, Tim Krueger, Dan Latham, Tom McComas, James Mellor, Joseph Oliveira, Buster Reeves, Peter Rnic, Amit Shah, Michelle Shields, Sofiya Smirnova, Bruce Spielbauer, Robert Patrick Stern, Robert Stone, Richard Strobel, Tom Townsend, John Turk, John Warman, Chris Wilson, Kevin Zaideman, Rob Clark, Brandon Lambdin, Craig Braginsky, Mike Whyte, Tina Simmons, Rick Avery

DC Comics

Intensified Vigilante Efforts, Unlikely Alliance, Facing Unprecedented Threat Batman amplifies his pursuit of justice against crime in Gotham City by teaming up with trustworthy allies, Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent. Together, they strive to eradicate the remnants of criminal activities that continue to afflict the city. While their collaboration yields positive outcomes, they are caught off guard by an escalating wave of disorder instigated by a notorious criminal mastermind, the Joker. As chaos grips Gotham under the Joker's terror, Batman and his cohorts face their toughest challenge yet in striving to restore order and safety to the city.