Road House

Road House
Original Title:
Road House


121 min

United States of America

Ellenike Pichardo, Braian Valerio, Jose Mota Prestol, Candy Santana, Jonathan Hunt, Cannon Smith, Ruairi Rhodes, Omar Patin, Jose A. Diaz, Samuel Sang, Katherine Read, Ty Hemenway, Claudia Peña, Alexander Bellone, Alejandro Bescos, Luis Dominguez, Jay Hieron, Chris Tognoni, Mark Smith, David Warren, Kenny Lorenzetti, Bruce Buffer, Jon Anik, Daniel Cormier, Megan Olivi, Tommy Lentsch


After retiring from the UFC, Dalton decides to start a new chapter by taking on a job as a bouncer at a popular roadhouse in the picturesque Florida Keys. However, as he settles into his new role, he quickly realizes that the serene paradise he expected is hiding dark secrets and dangers lurking beneath the surface. As Dalton navigates through the palm trees and ocean breezes, he finds himself pulled into a web of deception and intrigue that threatens to shake the foundations of this idyllic coastal town. Florida Keys Revelations Hidden Dangers Coastal Mysteries