Ricchi a tutti i costi

Ricchi a tutti i costi
Título original:
Ricchi a tutti i costi


90 min


Darko-Peric, Antonino-Bruschetta, Fioretta-Mari, Irma-Carolina-Di-Monte

Colorado Film

Ricchi a tutti i costi is a delightful comedy from Italy that explores the hilarious lengths a family will go to protect their grandmother's inheritance from a charming but shady suitor. The film, directed by an unknown talent, takes audiences on a rollercoaster ride of laughs and heartwarming moments. The story revolves around a sweet grandmother who finds herself enamored with a suitor whose intentions are anything but pure. Fearing for both her life and the family fortune, her relatives come up with a clever plan to outwit the cunning man and save the day. With a runtime of 90 minutes, Ricchi a tutti i costi keeps viewers engaged from start to finish with its witty humor and lovable characters. The movie's standout performances and quirky plot make it a must-watch for fans of light-hearted comedies. Overall, Ricchi a tutti i costi is a charming film that delivers laughs and heart in equal measure. It's a perfect choice for a fun movie night with family or friends, offering entertainment that will leave you smiling long after the credits roll.