Mothers’ Instinct

Título original:
Mothers' Instinct


94 min


Caroline-Lagerfelt, Alexander-Blaise, Steve-Routman, Joel-Nagle, Larry-Petersen

Freckle Films

**"Mothers' Instinct" Review: A Haunting Tale of Maternal Madness** In the chilling drama-thriller *Mothers' Instinct*, the delicate balance of friendship between Alice and Celine is shattered by a tragic incident that sets off a chain reaction of paranoia, guilt, and obsession. The film delves into the depths of maternal instincts and the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her child, blurring the lines between love and possession. **Alice and Celine** share an unbreakable bond, but their worlds come crashing down when Alice’s negligence results in the death of Celine’s son. What follows is a gripping battle of wills as Celine holds Alice responsible and becomes fixated on safeguarding her own son from any perceived threat. Meanwhile, Alice is consumed by guilt and fear, believing that Celine is plotting against her family. The tension between the two women escalates to chilling levels as their mental states deteriorate, leading to a harrowing climax of madness and violence. The stellar performances of the cast bring depth and intensity to the characters, making the audience question the fine line between protection and obsession. Directed with precision and flair, *Mothers' Instinct* keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its unease and suspense. The claustrophobic atmosphere and escalating tension create a gripping viewing experience that resonates long after the credits roll. In conclusion, *Mothers' Instinct* is a riveting exploration of maternal instincts pushed to their limits, wrapped in a cloak of suspense and drama. It is a haunting tale that will leave you questioning the depths of a mother's love and the darkness that can lurk within it.