Kung Fu Panda 4

Kung Fu Panda 4
Original Title:
Kung Fu Panda 4


94 min

United States of America

Cece Valentina, April Hong, Suzanne Buirgy, Logan Kim, Reyn Doi, Mick Wingert, Peggy Etra, Gedde Watanabe, Karen Maruyama, Tom McGrath, Phil LaMarr, Mike Mitchell, Colleen Smith, Sarah Sarang Oh, Paul Pape, James Taku Leung, Steve Alterman, Christopher Knights, Harry Shum Jr.

DreamWorks Animation

Po is preparing himself to assume the role of the spiritual leader in the Valley of Peace, knowing that he also needs to find a successor for the title of Dragon Warrior. To fill this vital position, he sets out to mentor a promising kung fu apprentice. However, as he embarks on this mission, he faces a formidable adversary known as the Chameleon, who has the ability to resurrect villains from the past. **Spiritual Leader** **Dragon Warrior Successor** **Chameleon Villain** In his quest to guide the next generation of warriors, Po must not only confront the challenges of training a new protege but also navigate the dangers posed by the cunning Chameleon. Will he be able to overcome these obstacles and ensure the safety and prosperity of the Valley of Peace? As the fate of his community hangs in the balance, Po’s determination and skills will be put to the ultimate test.