Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2
Título original:
Inside Out 2


96 min

United States of America

John-Ratzenberger, Flea, Yvette-Nicole-Brown, Sumayyah-Nuriddin-Green, Grace-Lu, Sarayu-Blue, Ron-Funches, Dave-Goelz, James-Austin-Johnson, Bobby-Moynihan, Paula-Pell, Paula-Poundstone, Kendall-Coyne-Schofield, Kirk-R.-Thatcher, Yong-Yea


**Inside Out 2** delves back into the intricate world of teenager Riley's mind, but this time with a twist that shakes up the existing dynamics of her emotions. The headquarters of her mind is thrown into chaos as a sudden demolition paves the way for the arrival of new Emotions. The familiar faces of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust find themselves grappling with the unexpected appearance of Anxiety, a newcomer that disrupts the harmony they have meticulously maintained. Director **Pixar** and **Walt Disney Pictures** masterfully blend **Animation**, **Family**, **Drama**, **Adventure**, and **Fantasy** elements to create a captivating narrative that explores the complexities of the human psyche. As the emotions navigate through this unfamiliar territory, audiences are taken on a journey that is both poignant and enlightening. At the core of **Inside Out 2** is the exploration of how individuals cope with change and the introduction of new experiences into their lives. The emotional upheaval faced by Riley's inner workings mirrors the struggles that many can relate to, making the film resonate on a deeply personal level. With a runtime of 96 minutes, **Inside Out 2** efficiently immerses viewers into its richly layered world, offering a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience. The stellar voice acting and intricate animation bring the characters to life, ensuring that each emotion is vividly portrayed on the screen. In conclusion, **Inside Out 2** is a worthy successor to its predecessor, offering a fresh perspective on the workings of the mind and the importance of embracing change. It is a testament to the creative genius of Pixar and Disney, delivering a film that entertains, enlightens, and tugs at the heartstrings.