Håndtering av udøde

Håndtering av udøde
Título original:
Håndtering av udøde


98 min


Pinelli-Hedda-Munthe, Anders-Dybwad, Denise-Trankalis, Emma-Damskau, John-Ajvide-Lindqvist, Monica-Csango, Anders-Rønning, Gunhild-Finne-Nilsen, Ruth-Vega-Fernandez, Marie-Robertson, Krister-Henriksson

Einar Film

"Håndtering av udøde" delivers a chilling and captivating mix of horror, drama, and mystery, set in the midst of an unexplainable phenomenon in Oslo. The film dives into the chaos that ensues when the deceased suddenly come back to life, creating an eerie and tension-filled atmosphere throughout. The narrative unfolds on a scorching summer day, as the city grapples with a mysterious electric field and a shared migraine outbreak. The movie skillfully weaves together elements of the supernatural with human emotions, exploring themes of loss, fear, and the unknown. The cast delivers compelling performances that draw viewers into the unfolding drama, with each character adding depth to the storyline. With a runtime of 98 minutes, "Håndtering av udøde" effectively builds suspense and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The seamless blend of genres creates a unique viewing experience that will leave viewers pondering the boundaries between life and death. In conclusion, "Håndtering av udøde" is a must-watch for fans of horror and mystery, offering a thought-provoking and spine-chilling journey into the unknown. Keywords: supernatural phenomenon, tension-filled atmosphere, compelling performances.