Drive-Away Dolls

Drive-Away Dolls
Original Title:
Drive-Away Dolls


84 min

United Kingdom

Sam Mazzei, Jordan Zatawski, Samsara Yett, Savanna Ziegler, Michael Worden, Braxton McCollum, Daniel Kirkman, Layne Lazor, Phil McFall, Angelo Maldonado Jr., Cristina Contreras, Michael Edelstein, Micaela Minner, Billy Hough, Alex Halpern, Angela Boehm, Josh Flitter, Miley Cyrus

Working Title Films

Jamie, an adventurous soul disheartened by another failed relationship, and her reserved companion Marian are in dire need of some excitement. Desperate for a change of pace, they spontaneously decide to hit the road to Tallahassee for a much-needed escape. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they encounter a hapless band of criminals. As chaos ensues, Jamie and Marian will have to rely on each other like never before to navigate through this unforeseen adventure. Female Friendship Unpredictable Escapades Unexpected Encounters