Arca de Noé

Arca de Noé
Original Title:
Arca de Noé


95 min


Laila McCann, Debra Wilson, Christopher Corey Smith, Triya Leong, Rachel Butera, Misty Lee, Rick Zieff

Gullane Entretenimento

A pair of mice, Vini - a charismatic poet plagued by terrible stage fright, and Tito - a talented and charming guitarist, decided to sneak onto Noah's Ark as the rains came, despite the rule allowing only one male and one female of each species. With the clever assistance of an ingenious cockroach and a stroke of fate, Vini and Tito managed to join the animals on the Ark, preventing a potential clash between carnivores and herbivores. As the journey unfolded, the duo orchestrated performances of classic tunes inspired by the renowned poet Vinicius de Moraes, using music to foster harmony among the creatures cooped up together for 40 days and 40 nights. Could their musical talents be the key to helping the diverse inhabitants of Noah's Ark survive the journey and find peace amidst the stormy seas? Keywords: talented stowaways, musical harmony, diverse inhabitants